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Freedom Drone Sports signs partnership with LuGus Studios

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Freedom Drone Sports™ and Lugus Studios are excited to announce a partnership that will bring the Freedom Class™ and Freedom500™ Series drones to life in a simulated video game environment.

Based in Belgium, LuGus Studios are the video game development studio behind Liftoff, a drone racing simulator currently in BETA and available on Steam™ which is being developed to feature realistic drone physics and currently has around 40,000 users.

“Kevin and the team at LuGus share our vision for giant drone racing and the possibilities that are emerging in the esports space.” says Dave Heavyside, Marketing Director at Freedom Drone Sports™.

“Drone racing is the perfect opportunity to bring esports and real life racing together. One day in the near future we hope to see virtual drones racing alongside the physical drones in real time.”

Esports revenue in 2017 will be an estimated US$696m n the back of a 227m global audience and is set to break US$1.5b mark by 2020.

“With the success of Liftoff, the team at LuGus Studios has always been interested in expanding the scope of the Liftoff brand.” Says Kevin Haelterman, director of LuGus Studios.

“From the first time we first saw footage of a Freedom Class Drone taking to the skies, it was clear to us that the thrill of flying giant FPV drone setups is something we wanted to explore.”

Freedom Drone Sports and LuGus Studios also see possible applications in training and licensing of pilots, track preparation and design and simulation of technical and design changes to the drones themselves.

“The team at LuGus Studios is more than excited about the opportunity of working together with Freedom Drone Sports and explore a multitude of opportunities.” Says Kevin.

“While the partnership is still in an early stage, it’s a promising start of amazing things yet to come!”

About LuGus Studios

LuGus Studios is a boutique video game studio based in Belgium. They create games and experiences that are clever, beautiful, innovative and fun. Their current drone racing game ‘Liftoff’ has around 40,000 active users.

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