The First Ever DR1 “Micro” Drone Race Just Went Down on the Set of ‘Firefly’


DR1 Racing and Air Hogs have partnered to launch the DR1 Micro Series drone races. The first-ever micro drone race took place on the iconic set of the cult favorite sci-fi television show ‘Firefly’ where the world’s best pilots competed in a team race through authentic set pieces and fully-lit spaceships from the early 2000’s-era show.

Unlike previous full-size drone races, this brand-new racing format uses first person view (FPV) drones that are small enough and safe enough to fly anywhere, according to updated FAA parameters. At just two inches in diameter, the micro drones can instantly zip in any direction at over 20 mph. The micro drones also have bumpers around the propellers, allowing pilots to fly more aggressively and test their bravery on the course.

DR1 Founder, Brad Foxhoven, elaborates, “This is revolutionary for the sport of drone racing. These drones can be flown by anyone, anywhere. We think this can be the catalyst that brings this high intensity sport of drone racing to the masses.”

Furthering their partnership, DR1 Racing and Air Hogs have created the first-ever, first person view “FPV” toy racing drone. With the Air Hogs Official DR1 Race Drone, consumers can affordably experience first-hand professional drone racing, and feel the rush of high speed racing with FPV streaming via the headset and a smartphone. The drone is available in nationwide retailers in August.

This partnership revolutionizes the ease of entry for consumers to get involved in drone racing. The DR1 Micro Series and the Air Hogs Official DR1 Race Drone are designed to allow fans everywhere the simplest access into the sport, challenging themselves to race drones like a pro.

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