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Can I fly there

The new goto app for Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Can I Fly Here uses data straight from the horse’s mouth as it were.

In my opinion, whichever country you are in your local regulator should have a hand in creating the data manufacturers use.

There are horribly inaccurate solutions out there, I think to be belt and braces a paper chart of the flying area you are in is always a good idea. Maybe that is just my love of charts coming through!

We’ve teamed up with Drone Complier to produce an easy-to-use smartphone app illustrating where you’re not allowed to fly.

These areas include within 5.5km of controlled aerodromes, in approach and departure paths of non-controlled aerodromes and helicopter landing sites, as well as in restricted or military airspace. The app also highlights ‘caution’ areas around unregistered aerodromes where aircraft could be flying.

The ‘Can I fly there?’ drone safety app reflects the standard operating conditions for those flying their drone commercially (under the excluded category of commercial operations) and is a valuable educational and situational awareness tool for both commercial and recreational drone flyers.


The app is available on Android and iOS devices, with a web-based HTML5 version also accessible.

Incorrect data

The data used by the ‘Can I fly there?’ app is sourced from Airservices Australia. If you would like to report inaccuracies in this data, such as the incorrect location of an aerodrome or helicopter landing site, please email [email protected]


If you would like to provide feedback on the app, please email [email protected]


Enquires about controlled airspace should be directed to Airservices Australia. All other airspace enquires can be sent to CASA’s Office of Airspace Regulation.

Privacy concerns

There are potential privacy issues in operating drones. However, CASA’s role is restricted to aviation safety—privacy is not in our remit.

The principal area of the Australian Government concerned with privacy is the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. Some State and Territory anti-stalking laws may apply to the operation of surveillance drones in some circumstances.

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