3DR Launches Perimeter Scan, a Brand New Flight Mode for AEC Professionals

3DR Launches Perimeter Scan, a Brand New Flight Mode for AEC Professionals

 3DR, makers of Site Scan, the leading drone data platform for engineering and construction, today announced Perimeter Scan, a brand new flight mode on the Site Scan Field iOS app.

Perimeter scan is the first of its kind in the commercial drone industry: it enables AEC professionals to capture vertical and oblique structures and façades with autonomous drone flights. This provides a fast and cost-effective way to perform as-built surveys as projects evolve over time, in addition to simplifying the ways we measure stockpiles, inspect infrastructure, and much more. Simply choose the area you want to scan and Site Scan automatically generates the flight path, ensuring the whole site is captured effectively.


3DR customer, Argyle Asia, used perimeter scan for an as-built survey, making their workflow 5X more productive and creating a rich, detailed 3D mesh and point cloud. “I think perimeter scan is the first of its kind,” James Hadden, Director of Property Development & Construction Management Services at Argyle, said. “No other commercial drone solution provides the ability to autonomously scan vertical structures at this level of detail.”

“Perimeter scan marks an important next step in the evolution of Site Scan,” said Chris Anderson, co-founder and CEO of 3DR. “For too long, the vertical dimension of a jobsite has been difficult to capture: the flight path was too complex to perform autonomously, which limited a drone’s ability to collect accurate data for 3D modeling. Now, with perimeter scan, we’re enabling users to capture a new dimension of their jobsite, making their meshes and point clouds more detailed than ever before.”

In addition to perimeter scan, last week 3DR released an all-new version of Site Scan Manager, their web application. Site Scan Manager 3.0 has a redesigned interface that’s simpler and more intuitive, and makes it easy to track progress over time, measure stockpile volumes, and more.

To learn more, visit 3dr.com or watch the perimeter scan.

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