The WingtraOne is now available in Europe!


Wingtra has announced that the WingtraOne is now available in Europe. WingtraOne successfully completed its beta program, and the company is now launching the finalised product.

The WingtraOne will be available in China from May 2017 and from April 10th they are visiting the US to meet with our future distribution partners.

Wingtra believes that WingtraOne drastically simplifies aerial data collection.

While conventional quadcopters are limited in range and speed, fixed wing aeroplanes need catapults and runways. Wingtra’s hybrid drone combines the advantages of both worlds. It is as agile as multicopters and has the superior flight capability of a fixed-wing aircraft regarding range and speed. It opens new possibilities in improving wildlife protection, agriculture, parcel delivery, and many other applications.

Wingtra is a spin-off from the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zurich. Wingtra is supported as one of the Wyss Zurich projects. Within a year, Wingtra grew from 4 to 27 Wingtranauts. They closed a seed round of USD 3.1m in early 2016.