Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Terra Drone Corporation open Indonesian office

Terra Drone Corporation (head office: Tokyo Japan hereinafter called Terra Drone, CEO: Toru Tokushige) has established a new branch office in Jakarta, the Republic of Indonesia to support ODA (Official Development Assistance) business by major general contractors and construction consultants through providing with the accurate surveying technology accumulated in Japan.


Terra Drone, which was established as a subsidiary company of Terra Motors Corporation (hereinafter called Terra Motors) manufacturing and selling electric motorcycles in Asia as the main market, established a branch office in Brisbane, Australia on January 27th, 2017 and has proactively been expanding its business overseas.

After the establishment of the branch office in Brisbane, we have opened the branch office in Jakarta and are planning on entering into ODA business which is expected to be a large number of projects in its and neighboring markets within 3D modeling data producing service in addition to civil engineering surveying business which has a number of achievements in Japan. We aim to expand to each country by providing the overseas experience and knowledge of our parent company, Tera Motors.

•Background that led the establishment of Indonesia branch office 

The real GDP growth rate in the Republic Indonesia is 6% on average. It is leading the ASEAN economy with the population of 240 million and enhancing its presence more and more, however, in spite of its speed of economic growth, they are not catching up with the various infrastructure development. Meanwhile, the Japanese government has set up Overseas Infrastructure System Action Plan at the initiative of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport to export Japan’s infrastructure technology as an important issue focusing on the overseas software infrastructure such as “i-Construction” (Note: i-Construction is an assault to introduce a new standard with using ICT technology  for efficiency improvement on construction sites).

Based on the social background of Japan and the republic of Indonesia, they have agreed to cooperate in the field of infrastructure development by signing a Memorandum of Understanding for the Metropolitan Primary Area (MPA). Thereby, the large-scale of ODA projects are expected to be carried out on a continuous basis in the future.

Terra Drone, which has the strong background of the commanding i-Construction performance in the field of civil engineering in Japan, will resolve the problems specific to emerging-market business such as no maps in the place where it should be or inaccurate surveying technology as a Japanese drone service company by supporting ODA projects of major general contractors and construction consultants.

■ Terra Drone. Co., Ltd.

We perform laser and photogrammetry surveying using Drone, providing with high-precision 3D drawings in a short period of time and useful services for controlling soil volume and progress of construction. We have conducted over 300 projects in this industry and are receiving a lot of orders from major general contractors and construction machinery makers. We have made a full-scale entry into Drone Traffic Management (UTM) business. Our Group company, Terra Motors manufactures two and three wheels electric motorcycles in Asia and sells more than 30,000 electric motorcycles, which leads to 85% of our overseas sales.