Skeye have signed a GeoXphere Market Partner agreement to use and distribute XCAM in the UK, expanding on their UAV capabilities.

We are pleased to announce that Skeye has been appointed the GeoXphere Market Partner for the United Kingdom. They will be leading the capture of aerial photography using the revolutionary XCAM. This complements and enhances their existing UAV business of serving clients with high-quality orthophotos, 3D models, volume calculations and inspection reports.

With a network of regional aircraft and the low-cost XCAM technology, Skeye can collect data quickly and at a low cost to the customer. This opens up the opportunity for customers to order aerial surveys from Skeye over much larger areas as XCAM doesn’t have the line-of-sight limitations of UAV or the lead times and costs involved with large format surveys.

It also increases the types of solutions Skeye can deliver. Full photo-realistic XCAM 3D city models can now be captured, giving customers viewshed, line-of-sight and shadow analysis capabilities. The transition to XCAM has been easy for Skeye as they already have well-established survey methodologies. The data management and processing is also second-nature due to their vast UAV experience.

Their network of XCAM operators will continue to expand over the coming months and years, taking advantage of the different sensors available in the XCAM suite, and increasing the choice available to clients. If you’re a user of aerial photography and want quick and cost-effective updates then now is a great time to speak to Skeye. To request a quote, contact Patrick Rickerby.

By Press