QuestUAV Surveying for a European Reseller

QuestUAV Ltd, a fixed-wing UAS developer based in the UK, are looking for European Resellers.

QuestUAV are already well represented in other parts of the world – including, but not limited to Australia, USA, Canada, South America, China and Japan.

They are looking for a company to drive forward sales and services within the Euro-zone and surrounding regions.

The financial benefits of becoming a reseller for QuestUAV are vast.  The support, training and new business links will help companies thrive and become well established as one of the best Fixed Wing Drone Retailers.

Clients purchasing QuestUAV systems understand they are buying into a partnership of expertise and experience. QuestUAV airframes are tough and durable and also self-maintainable, in many cases with in-field adjustments and updates.  Downtime in the field means less money for clients and this is something QuestUAV strives to avoid.

Convenience is a primary factor and QuestUAV believe that expanding their reseller network will have a huge part to play in placing the right teams, pushing the best drones on customer’s doorsteps.

Contact QuestUAV to find out the financial benefits of becoming a Reseller.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 1665 479 042