PIX4D @sUSBExpo Mobile to Maps: Integrating Drones into your Practice


Pix4D is the main provider and industry standard for professional drone photogrammetry software. Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company with headquarters in Lausanne and local offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. Pix4D is the only solution providing desktop, cloud, and mobile solution for drone mapping.

You can find many professionals describing their use of Pix4Dmapper in the case studies here: https://pix4d.com/blog/

Class Title: From Mobile to Maps: Integrating Drones into your Practice

This is a technical class for professionals using drones in their practice. The class will present you:

  • Image Acquisition: Best Practices
  • Using your Phone to Control, Collect, and Render Drone Data
  • Using the Cloud for Image Processing, Sharing, and Measuring
  • Using your Local Computing Power for Survey grade mapping and modelling
  • Scaling your drone mapping work with servers, cloud computing, APIs
  • Q&A with Pix4D staff

A temporary license of Pix4Dmapper will be provided to the attendees. There is no charge to attend the workshop as long as you have access to the sUSB Expo

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