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Industrial Skyworks Launches Blue VU Software for Building, and Oil & Gas Inspections


Industrial SkyWorks Inc., the leader in drone-based building, and oil and gas infrastructure inspections, announced the release today of its new software application Blue VU, which enables remote-inspection of assets, saving time and money, all while increasing worker safety.    

Toronto, Ontario 4th April, 2017

Industrial Skyworks is pleased to announce the official launch of Blue VU advanced software for efficient inspections of oil and gas infrastructure, and other buildings.  As one of the most trusted names in the industry, Industrial SkyWorks offering cutting edge drone-based inspection solutions. Industrial Skyworks’ new Blue VU software will relieve engineers and technicians from sifting thousands of images while providing safe visual access to hard to reach locations, such as the tops of flare stacks and storage tanks.   

Drone inspection technology solutions provided by Industrial Skyworks have enabled numerous businesses to review their drone data and perform inspections from their desktops. These solutions allow users to carry out drone inspections safely and identify the problems early, without spending a lot of time or money.

Some of the key capabilities of the new software from Industrial Skyworks include

  • Fast and intelligent organizing and sorting of thousands of UAV images
  • Intelligent recommendation system for searching UAV image with the best view to support efficient inspection activities
  • Supports synchronized, multimodal exploration of UAV images using 3D point clouds, 3D building models, and 2D maps
  • Efficient tracking and controlling of the inspection workflows
  • Creates customized database for structuring, recording, and digitizing anomalies (such as rust, hot spots, cracks, etc.) directly from the UAV images
  • Automatic generation of building inspection reports with inspection statistics, visual and vectorized inspection results
  • Exports the inspection results into GIS and CAD formats

The Industrial Skyworks team includes  highly qualified IT and GIS experts, accomplished pilots, world-class UAV operators, and experienced business leaders, delivering a client-centred focus to all their projects.

Highlighting the benefits of the company’s just launched inspection software, Industrial Skyworks’ CEO Michael Cohen explained: “With Blue Vu, we’re able to offer our clients a complete solution, from drone technology to desktop data, that uniquely powers remote inspections thereby lowering costs while increasing safety outcomes. Finally, remote building and oil and gas inspections are possible.”

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About Industrial Skyworks:


Industrial Skyworks (ISW) is a commercial, unmanned aerial system (UAS) and data management solutions company with offices in Houston, Toronto and Trinidad. Founded in 2012 by pilots with backgrounds and expertise in aircraft safety systems, risk management and aeronatical sciences,  ISW inspects buildings and oil and gas infrastructure using small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). They are the first company ever to receive FAA’s approval for night-time drone operations.

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