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Heurobotics variable pitch tailsitter

Heurobotics Mark II

A spin-off from Embry-Riddle, Eagle Flight Research Center (EFRC), Heurobotics has created a tail-sitting VTOL. Full marks in the cool factor department.

It’s big and only has a 20-minute endurance. Which well, you are an sUAS News reader I will let you decide for yourself. It is being pitched at the yet to be proven Ag market.

I notice a claim to be able to autorotate in a December Embry-Riddle publication, that would be impressive.

Tail sitting VTOL’s are the flavour of the moment, I thought I was going to declare 2017 the year of Separate Lift Thrust (SLT), I’m not so sure now.

Heurobotics is a research and development company focused on unmanned aerial systems (UAS.) We strive to deliver solutions that are on the razor thin edge of what is achievable. In doing so, we can offer systems that are more than just reproductions of the numerous UAS on the market today, but instead a vehicle that separates itself far from the norm.

Our UAS, dubbed the Mark II, is a unique

– Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities.
– Simple, plan, place and launch system that virtually anyone can use.
– No launching device or runways required.
– Horizontal flight capabilities for exceptional range and endurance.
– High thrust to weight ratio allows it to leave the ground at 2.5 G’s (that’s space shuttle accelerations.)
– High end sensor suite for precision flight capabilities.
– Mechanically simple.
– The perfect UAS solution for any mission!

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