Drone Search & Rescue Training sUSB Expo 2017


Since the first sUSB Expo we have been proud to bring you the cutting edge of the drone world and real world applications.  Not the least of which has been the Public Safety/Search and Rescue aspect of unmanned aircraft.  This year, the sUSB Expo has expanded this sector with a program that is keeping up with the exponential growth of public safety drone use.    Gene Robinson has been with the sUSB Expo from the start and the addition of his business partner John Buell will be hosting a full day seminar on the use, training, pitfalls, and success stories of drone use in public safety.  This workshop will also include a flight line set up, actual flights, and search scenario conducted offsite at Treasure Island.  Any public safety operator would benefit from the wealth of information that over 20 years of public safety and unmanned aircraft experience brings.     

What can you expect at the workshop? We will cover Search and Rescue with FLIR and EO with examples, Cinematic, Overwatch and Fire operations. There will be a discussion on the equipment we use when and why, covering Fixed Wing, Rotor Wing, and Cameras. We explain the right and wrong ways on how to set up SAR program and how to develop a positive public perception of SAR operations. Topics also covered will be insertion into NIMS and how to navigate the requirements needed to do so efficiently and effectively, and the type of training needed to create a robust program that is dynamic and flexible under numerous mitigation situations.  Finally, we will do an overview of the future of Public Safety Drone use, methods and means of drone countermeasures and state and municipal regulations.

Sign up this week because the event is next week, this is your opportunity to get true expert experience from veterans of SAR operations. There are few places in the nation where you can get this quantity of information consolidated into a single event, and it’s been years in the making we hope to see you there and provide you with introductory and advanced training on how to save lives and protect the public with small unmanned aircraft systems.

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