Drone maker DJI offers up to $145,000 bounty for information on Chinese illegal flights.

Drone maker DJI offers up to $145,000 bounty for information on Chinese illegal flights.

If you can identify who flew and disrupted flights at Chengdu airport in April 2017, DJI might give you $145,000.

No suprise that this press release does not seem to in English on the DJI site. It is below in all it’s Google translate glory. Some pressure must be being exerted on DJI at home.

DJI have also come under pressure to geofence active war zones as revealed by The Register in their interview with Kevin Finisterre of Department 13. Kevin discovered the changes to the DJI No-fly Zones last week and starting unpacking what was happening where.

A fact that made me smile was that more protection is afforded to the Kremlin than the White House.

If you want to look at the NFZ’s for yourself try here https://github.com/MAVProxyUser/dji.nfzdb/blob/master/dji.nfzdb_kml.kml

Will other countries now push for help from DJI? With all the data that heads back to China, DJI knows things.

Being the world’s #1 drone maker is not without its problems. In their defence, DJI is working to solve issues. Other manufacturers are not even on the starting line.

Issues with Geofencing formed a large part of our Tuesday chat two weeks ago.

DJI believed that its drones were not used at Chengdu airport on April 20. But walked that back after checking a partner company’s monitoring data. DJI believes a third party App made their no-fly zones inoperative. Is this the end of third party app support for DJI products??

DJI on the incentive report of interference in Chengdu airport operation of the clues to the vicious events

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport recently repeated a number of suspected unmanned aircraft interference civil aviation flights normal takeoff and landing events, according to media reports, only in April 14, 2017, 18th and 18th of the four days to lead to hundreds of The flight was forced to return or return, more than 10,000 passengers blocked the airport. In this regard, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau has been on file for investigation, will be held in accordance with the law involved in the legal liability.

The above-mentioned successive acts of evil, not only a serious threat to aviation safety and public safety, but also greatly damaged the civilian UAV industry in the eyes of the image. As a leader in the consumer unmanned aerial vehicle industry, DJI have once again expressed their serious condemnation. DJI is willing to work together with the public and the regulatory authorities to combat such acts.

To this end, the DJI decided to provide incentives for the April 14, 17, 18, 21 impacts of civil aviation flight case reporting clues.

As follows:

reward period: from now until December 31, 2017
reward object: during the reward period, by the handling agency identified to provide important clues and successfully assist the police in solving the case of the  amount of reward: the maximum amount of 1 million yuan reward report

Method: contact the local public security organs

Maintenance of airspace security, to protect the healthy development of the industry, is the responsibility of the big bounds. Da Jiang hopes that through such efforts, for the whole society to popularize and promote security awareness for the civilian unmanned aircraft industry in China to lay a solid foundation for the healthy development.

How did Kevin crack DJI’s data? He found the password on Github.


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