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Canon Drone PD6E2000 AW CJ1

canon drone

Oh dear, another platform that is at least a year behind the crowd.  A snappy name as well, the PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1. I believe, and the name would suggest it, that this is a Pro Drones platform. So not really a Canon drone as is being reported elsewhere but a drone Canon has bought into.

The Canon ME20F-SH camera is fantastic, as for the aircraft itself, well meh. Not a single collision sensor visible, can’t be much of a battery pack either.

Put the ME20 under one of the new DJI Matrice 200 and away we go.

The video is from Canon Japan’s PR department. I can’t help thinking something has been lost in translation.

PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1, a disaster countermeasure drone, is a model equipped with PRODRON ‘s industrial drones “PD 6E 2000 – AW” with an ultrahigh sensitivity camera “ME 20 F – SH”, and it includes models such as tsunami, cliff collapse, river flooding Contributing to the grasp of the damage situation of nighttime at the time of the disaster.

Although monochrome photography by infrared light projection was common in the low illumination environment such as nighttime, “ME 20 F – SH” can photograph colorful HD movie even in the dark where it is difficult to identify the subject with the naked eye, You can shoot the disaster situation from the sky even at night. In accordance with weatherproof aircraft performance, the camera part is designed to be an all-weather type housing structure, and it is designed to be usable even in adverse environments such as rainy weather. Moreover, it has a remote communication function, and it is possible to deliver video to disaster headquarters etc in real time while flying.

Canon MJ has recently joined the Drontech Lab Sendai . We are planning to conduct the demonstration experiment of this product in Sendai City, a drone special zone, within 2017. We will promote practical application and added value by collaborating with municipalities focusing on disaster countermeasures and conducting flight experiments of drone using the special zones in the future.

The domestic domestic drone market is projected to reach a market size of 211.6 billion yen in 2022 together with the main body of the aircraft, as well as service areas and peripheral equipment.

The Canon MJ Group aims to shift to the growth area and expand the business domain by “Imaging & IT Solutions” in the 5-year plan “Long Term Business Plan Phase III (2016 – 2020)” started in 2016 As part of that, we are promoting the provision of new solutions that utilize drone.

In the future, we will develop a video solution that utilizes drone in cooperation with Prodron Co., Ltd., which we invested in September 2016, develop solutions for industries, such as inspection of overhead lines of railway companies, infrastructure inspection and agriculture fields, in addition to disaster countermeasures We aim for sales of 5 billion yen by 2020.

“PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1” will be exhibited at the following events. In the booth, in addition to the actual machine display, the demo image shot with “PD6E2000 – AW – CJ1” is displayed.

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