Boomerang Carnets Returns to the sUSBExpo with Another Drone to Give Away

This year’s Expo is rounding out with some great new speakers, we have legal experts, intellectual property law experts,  industry analysts, drone journalists, search and rescue experts and educators.  Check out the sUSB Expo 2017 speaker lineup and register ASAP the expo is only weeks away.  The following is a note and some background from Boomerang Carnets.

Question: What do ATA Carnets, boomerangs, and UAVs have in common?  Answer: They all come back again. And so does the great sUSBExpo drone giveaway.

We’ll be at sUSB Expo 2107, The Silicon Valley Drone Show with a DJI Mavic Pro for you to win! Novice “pilot” Janice Engelgau of Fruity Chutes walked away with a DJI Phantom 4 at sUSB Expo 2016 courtesy of boomerang carnets. Drop by our table, leave your business card and learn about the benefits of ATA Carnets when sending a drone across international borders temporarily.

Did you know you don’t have to pay import duty or tax when you use an ATA Carnet to temporarily export your drone?  We call that boomerang freight®. Examples of drones as boomerang freight® are those shipped abroad for UAV conferences, product demonstrations or vehicle testing that are later re-exported.  By shipping UAVs on the international customs document called The Merchandise Passport a.k.a. the ATA Carnet, import duty and tax can be avoided in 86+ countries and territories for up to 1 year. This works for humanitarian causes, demonstrations, exhibitions, sales meetings, trade shows, film and video shoots and other commercial purposes.

The University of Salford recently needed to take drones to a conference in Ukraine and then bring them back to the U.K. They contacted our new U.K. office and used an ATA Carnet to clear customs in Ukraine and back into the U.K. without paying import duty and import ax in either country. In another instance, a client testing their drones for humanitarian purposes used an ATA Carnet to ship them to Switzerland and back to the U.S., import duty- and tax-free.  In both instances the exporter could know their customs clearance costs in advance, pre-pay in U.S. dollars and avoid posting a cash guarantee with foreign customs.

If you’ve been wondering if there is an easy, cost effective way to exhibit, demonstrate, show or shoot internationally we’re here to tell you there is.  Best of all, the process to get an ATA Carnet is all online. Boomerang carnets’ 24-hour service is standard and Same Day Carnet Service℠ is available for an extra charge.  We’ll see you at the Silicon Valley Drone Show.  Remember that Mavic Pro you want to win!