UAVAIR launch Foundations of Aerial Mapping course


Major industrial adoption of drones is set to surge forward with an education partnership between Australian-based cloud platform Propeller Aero and Australia’s leading drone pilot training organisation, UAVAIR.

Industries want to use drones. They can see drones will save them time and money, reduce risk and serve them with better data – they just don’t know what to do with the data once they get it.

In a world where it’s not a case of if but when this collaboration between UAVAIR and Propeller is a watershed moment. It combines the most advanced and comprehensive professional UAV pilot training program in Australia at UAVAIR with Propeller’s globally recognised cloud platform for drone worksite surveying.

Called Foundations of Aerial Mapping, the course will not only benefit industry; it will change the face of it.

Students will learn how to map accurate data with drone technology, including the use of the revolutionary new product from Propeller, AeroPoints – ground control points with built-in GPS for highly accurate positional data. The course was developed based on industry experience from the construction, mining, mapping and inspection disciplines with hundreds of hours of collective flying time to ensure students are equipped with the knowledge and practical tools to improve RPAS operations and data processing techniques within their organisations.

Using drones to conduct surveying ground work is still a relatively new concept, but the benefits are undeniable. It cuts out much of the leg work required in traditional surveying, reducing costs and improving the quality of data available.

General Manager of UAVAIR, Ashley Cox, believes this is a game changing product for many professions including surveyors, designers, engineers, drafters, town planners and architects.

“Businesses who implement this technology will benefit from increased efficiency and risk reduction by training their staff to conduct the ground work through drone operations,” he said.

“This is the first in what will be a series of professional development programs for accredited RPAS pilots and answers the single most common question among freshly-minted professional RPAS pilots: now that I can fly and capture data, what do I do with it?”

“Propeller bridges the gap between their software and the groundswell of government and industrial organisations looking to capture the cost, time, resource and safety benefits drones can provide.”

Propeller CEO Francis Vierboom said it was proud to be working with the UAVAIR team to help them deliver the first accredited course on using AeroPoints for aerial surveying.
“AeroPoints make the conventional ground control process for aerial surveying fast and simple to deliver, just as drones themselves have made aerial mapping much easier,” he said.

“Propeller Aero is an interactive 3D cloud platform for drone data that helps worksites make decisions visually, and we built AeroPoints to help ensure people can trust the data when they do that.”

“With enabling technologies like AeroPoints, we’re already seeing a major increase in worksites using drones on a business-as-usual basis, and we expect that will be a major trend of 2017.’’

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