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Fotokite Pro available now from DroneMatrix

Kite Drone

A unique, lightweight tethered flying camera system. Made for professional use cases like inspections, inventory control, incident, evidence, security patrol assistance, roof inspection, plant inspection & maintenance, live broadcasting, …. And many other applications.

Intuitive & Easy Control

•Flies like a kite

•No piloting skills necessary

•Go up to 25m – inside & outside

•Guide your camera to specific location (day/night/IR camera)

Portable Packaging

•Compact yet rugged packaging

•Built for single-person operation and transport

•Setup – Ready to fly in 3 minutes

Safe Operation

•Easy to operate – Safe to Fly

•Load bearing tether guarantees physical safety

•Self-contained system not relying on GPS or radio signal

Extended Flight Time

•30 min. on a single ground battery

•Unlimited with plug-in power option

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