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IAI New Tactical EO/IR Payloads – 1.1 Kg MicroPOP & 200 gr NanoPOP


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is expanding its optronics (EO/IR) family with new payloads designated for tactical UAV’s, robotic vehicles and drone applications used by ground and homeland security forces. The new EO/IR payloads are developed by TAMAM, the inertial navigation and electro-optical house of IAI, and will be displayed at the LAAD Defense & Security exhibition in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, April 4-7, 2017.

Weighing only 1.1 kg and equipped with day and night sensors, the MicroPOP is a lightweight day/night stabilised observation system for long-range observation missions and ultra-fast panoramic photography. The MicroPOP payload is designed for use in tactical UAV’s such as the IAI BirdEye 650/650D/400, loitering munitions such as the IAI Green Dragon and small robotic vehicles. The newly-launched MicroPOP is the upgraded version of the MicroPOP which sold hundreds of units to clients across the globe with day or night sensor.

NanoPOP, a new payload which weighs only 200 gram, features day and night camera, designed for small drones and small robotic vehicles in mind. It provides high-quality observation capability for ranges of hundreds of meters during daytime and nighttime. Robust image stabilisation capabilities ensure long-range observation performance and an ultra-fast panoramic image capturing rate.

The new tactical payloads will join TAMAM’s EO/IR family, which includes the M19, MOSP3000, POP300LR, POP300 and MiniPOP.

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