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ConsortiQ, UK becomes Approved Training Centre

ConsortiQ, have announced it is now an Approved Training Centre, able to award the ProQual Level 3 Certificate and Level 4 Diploma in The Remote Piloting of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Commercial Operation. It is now the first Training Centre of it’s kind to offer an Aviation Regulator approved and Academically recognised drone qualification in one course – the Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ).

From 1st April 2017, all candidates will automatically be enrolled to receive the Level 3 certificate upon successful completion of the UAQ course. This includes both the Ground School and Flight Assessment exams. Those who go on to complete an Operations Manual, with the view of applying for a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO), will be able to obtain a ProQual Level 4 Diploma by applying to ConsortiQ retrospectively and paying the admin fee.

John Gore, Operations Manager at ConsortiQ said, “The team at ConsortiQ are delighted to have our Unmanned Aircraft Qualification recognised by ProQual for Level 3 Certification, and Level 4 Diplomas. Additionally, we are thrilled to be a ProQual approved training centre, able to deliver this qualification to our customers. This combination of an Aviation Regulator approved and Academically accredited qualification is the first of its kind in the rapidly growing drone industry, and we believe this will set a benchmark for drone training worldwide. Any of our graduates or candidates who have completed training previously, or are in the process of doing so, may also take advantage of this qualification.”

Up until the 1st of April, new candidates can apply for a Level 3 Certificate or Level 4 Diploma by paying an administration fee of £45.76+VAT for a Level 3 and £55.90+VAT for a Level 4 qualification. Previous graduates of ConsortiQ’s Ground School and Flight Assessment will also have the opportunity to apply for the qualifications with the cost of the respective administration fee and an updated exam online.

The Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications are recognised academically across the UK, with many Government backed funding bodies now able to provide loans, grants, and bursaries for this training.

Certificates and Diplomas will be awarded by ProQual, and usually dispatched in the post within 4 weeks of completion of the course.

Mark Hewitt, Corporate Account Manager at ProQual added, “ProQual Awarding Body was born out of the desire to give industries the opportunity of having the most up to date, often unique and most relevant qualifications for their employees. All of our Qualifications are industry driven and regulated by Ofqual, the Governing Body in England. ProQual exudes positivity, enthusiasm and a willingness to listen to any requests coming its way. It is this very ethos that has led ProQual to its well respected place in the world of Awarding Organisations.”

To learn more about how to get certified, contact a member of the ConsortiQ team today at [email protected] or call (0)208 0450 508

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