China seeks real name drone registration procedure


Reported in the Chinese press the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is preparing to find a way to register all RPAS. Making sure that errant operators are easier to find.

At Christmas 2015, the FAA rolled out just such a scheme. In America, operators flying privately can register for a nominal fee at the small Unmanned Aircraft Registration Service (sUAS). The operator is registered not the drone, meaning he or she can own several and put the same number on each. It is, therefore, cheaper by the dozen!

More than 600,000 people registered in the first year.

Director of the CAAC, Feng Zhenglin said, “For the civil aviation administration, our main responsibility involves drone registration, which includes requiring drone owners to sign up with their real names”.

“We will introduce some convenient ways for the management of small UAVs of recreational purpose or sports purpose. For instance, we plan to set up electric fencing in clearance protection areas around airports,” Feng added.

The CAAC is coming under pressure from citizens, airline representatives and legislators.

UAV’s “out of control” have been the concern of the community according to Li Shengrui, deputy of the National People’s Congress. “Private UAVs, which are outside the scope of current CAAC regulation must be supervised.”

He believes that in the current state, security, privacy and many other issues are exposed. Li Shengrui suggested that the CAAC as soon as possible introduce laws and regulations to regulate the behaviour of UAV manufacturers and users.

Li Shengrui also requested that more flight restrictions and countermeasures be placed around civil airports, military, government and other key areas involving public safety and state secrets. Systems that can stop UAS entering the sensitive airspace.