Autopilot designer helps restore AVT Harrier

AVT Harrier

An exciting weekend for Philip Rowse of ProfiCNC, when not making Autopilots for unmanned aircraft he is helping bring an ex-military jump jet back to life. The AVT Harrier is on display at Avalon Airshow this weekend.

The aircraft arrived in Australia in June 2015 and was transported to Ballarat, Victoria to the Advanced VTOL Technologies restoration facility.

In 2016, restoration commenced in earnest. The airframe was disassembled, and the painstaking process of restoring each component began, starting with the cockpit.

Why not pop along and bend Philip’s ear not only about the Harrier but Pixhawk 2.1 and the project.

Advanced VTOL (AVT) provides specialist professional services in flight sciences and technology.

They model, simulate, analyse, test & evaluate aircraft. This is underpinned by strong skills in dynamics & control, computational fluid dynamics, systems/software engineering, optimisation and flight data processing. They maintain a special interest in vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technologies for piloted and autonomous platforms.

Philip tells us a little about Pixhawk 2.1 here