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Alti UAS dispute IP with Australian composites manufacturer

alti uas

Following the recent release of a ‘Carbonix Volanti’ (Australia) VTOL aircraft, ALTI UAS would like to make the following official Statement:

As a composites company, Carbonix was contracted by ALTI UAS in September 2015 to manufacture the ALTI Transition airframe, created, designed and developed by ALTI UAS. Unfortunately after 12+ months of development, on 2 November 2016 ALTI officially ceased all work and any connection with Carbonix due to a breach of contract and stolen development IP, moulds and parts owned by ALTI UAS for the manufacturing of the Transition VTOL Airframe which was manufactured under contract and NDA EXCLUSIVELY for ALTI UAS.

Carbonix is now attempting to offering a lower quality product, known as the ‘volanti’ An electric only copy of the Transition. The ‘volanti’ has none of the features or advanced avionics hardware and software found in the Transition, nor the claimed endurance or any actual proven testing. The ‘volanti’ specifications published by Carbonix along with marketing is misleading and highly inaccurate. Please beware.

ALTI now manufactures their all new lighter and improved Transition airframe in-house and has no connection whatsoever with Carbonix, or any products made by Cabronix.

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