3rd Rock Air Announces Drone Training in Tampa, Fl

3rd Rock Air Announces Drone Training in Tampa, Fl

Tampa, Fl.: Today, 3rd Rock Air, a provider of drone training to both commercial users and hobbyists, announced the rollout of 3 courses in the Tampa area. These courses cover drone flight training, preparation for the required FAA Part 107 knowledge test and  business opportunities.

Regarding the company’s launch, 3rd Rock Air President, David Cranmer said “I’m excited about this opportunity to start our training program in Tampa. Our long term goal is to become a national brand for the training of drone pilots and Tampa is a hotbed of drone activity and a great city to launch our company. The ability to safely operate a drone is something every pilot should know and 3rd Rock Air is committed to instilling that in our students.”

Unlike other companies in the industry who make their students share a drone, 3rd Rock Air will provide each student their own drone to train with and to take home at the end of the course. These training drones will be completely manual with no pilot assist modes. Our philosophy is that a student should learn how to fly a drone manually, before moving up to models with pilot assist modes. These trainers will allow the student to hone their skills even after they have left the course and without risking their expensive drones. During the last flight session of the day, our students will be able to use a DJI Phantom in order to experience some of the more common assist modes.

An Instructor led online Part 107 exam prep course is also available for students who cannot travel to one of our in person courses. With this course, the student has the same experience as our classroom version, but without the need to travel.

About 3rd Rock Air: 3rd Rock Air is a drone training company, based in Tampa, Fl. A wide range of courses will be offered to help drone pilots develop their flying skills, pass their Part 107 knowledge test and learn the more complex software packages available to drone operation.