Scorpion-3 hoverbike from Hoversurf ATaaS – AIR TRANSPORT as a SERVICE


Enough people must have saved enough money to buy big motors and batteries. Man carrying multirotors are popping up (see what I did there) everywhere. The Scorpion 3 has just been launched by Russian company Hoversurf. It looks um interesting in flight. Not sure I would want such a large prop near my legs. Sensibly the Hoversurf test pilot has a helmet and protective clothing. Top marks for that!

Get rid of the pilot and you can carry quite a bit of cargo, 90kg in fact. Making the Scorpion an OPV or optionally piloted vehicle.

Quite clever of Hoversurf to create an acronym, ATaaS – air transport as a service. I wonder if that will see widespread adoption.

SCORPION platform is a single-seat aircraft that rediscovers the art of flying and hovering enabling a hi-tech quadcopter-based solution. It’s a unique electric-powered vessel combining a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology bringing speed agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators. For the moment, SCORPION platform is increasingly seen as an extreme sports instrument, yet the vessel’s transportation potential remains evident.

Staring as a “crowdfunding” project, SCORPION platform is the next step in accessible amateur flying developed to inspire athletes, engineers, scientists and inventors around the world.

It is not just hoverbikes, an air taxi is in the wings.

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