How Prometheus®, Your UAS Power StationTM offers Improvement to the Value of Drone Flight

As everyone in the drone industry are aware, there are limitations using the various aerial platforms; either as a hobbyist or when conducting professional services. Some are size. Some are speed. Some are capability to perform specific tasks and more exist that are not mentioned. Some of the greatest limitations come when having the right drone to perform the requested job effectively. But, the issue drone operators face the most is battery life that seems to be the most problematic of them all. With the current battery life of the most common consumer-based rotary drone providing less than 30 minutes of flight time and the average costs ranging between $115 – $169, another option is required.

Prometheus®, Your UAS Power StationTM (Patent Pending) is proving a game-changer for drone operators using aerial architectures in various capacities employing small UAS-enabled (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) flight missions with how UAS solutions can deliver new benefits.

One example is the county correctional facilities in Pennsylvania whereby correctional officers are now using drones as control systems and devices while learning to integrate Flight Aviation Departments (FADs) alongside the prison’s CERT teams, K-9 units, search and rescue, escape and evasion, perimeter and rooftop surveillance operations. Pilots are trained to not only fly missions, but to be able to intercept any incoming unauthorized drone flights in the surrounding airspace. The Flight Aviation Department at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) in PA is now operating daily flights and training missions as part of their new responsibilities throughout a scheduled shift. The same challenges exist regarding battery life causing the correctional facility to purchase 5-6 additional batteries for their aircraft.

With all of these battery life issues, Prometheus® provides a portable backup power system to keep aircraft where they belongs; in the air. The power stations are extremely maneuverable to eliminate stops during drone flights. They are conveniently designed using ergonomic features to maximize your productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

No longer do operators need to plan a flight near carefully located and friendly shopping centers. Each power station contains multiple charging hubs to help operators get back in the air quickly. Also, a WiFi hot spot and up to 8-12 USB ports are integrated to ensure network capabilities remain continuous throughout any flight mission for live streaming and more. Operators are now able to extend their flight times to aid in the collection, integration, and organization of data with extended battery life using the Prometheus® system to further enable real-time decisions, predictive analysis, and preventive maintenance in the fuel industry.

Engineered for Performance

Prometheus® also takes advantage of a unique case protection architecture to ensure the system is always protected. Aerial photographers, videographers, RC pilots and drone enthusiasts from every corner of the globe are capturing and sharing extraordinary experiences with their drones. Between transporting your equipment and ensuring enough battery power is available, sometimes those experiences don’t go as planned. In the end, case protection along with adequate resources are essential to your overall success.

Prometheus® has you covered. Each battery connection, cell chemistry and cooling system in Prometheus® is engineered to move significant power from Your UAS Power StationTM to the aircraft’s battery for proper liftoff and flight. Balanced charging evenly distributes energy across the multiple cells to prolong your battery life and ensure better service. Want 12-20 hours of power? You now have it! Designed with the customer in mind,

Prometheus® offers carefully engineered craftsmanship to fit your back-up power needs. We offer the best in quality and innovation by utilizing the most advanced production technologies and experts to ensure Your UAS Power StationTM is at the top of its class.

Ensuring Limited Battery Fatigue

Power for unmanned aircraft in critical situations when it is important to deliver effective communication protocols to execute strategic decisions on the ground has become a real issue in the growing UAS field today.

It is the difference between having real-time data for effective outcomes versus reacting to a situation in real-
time without having insight into what is actually happening. When assessing how long you’re able to remain airborne during a solution, it’s important to consider the power limitations and resources to get the job done before leaving the ground with your aircraft.

Prometheus® is built on the notion of integrating a standardized power management ecosystem, illustrating how using industry-wide specifications “ensures adhering devices can securely and seamlessly interact with one another, regardless of the underlying hardware, functionality, portability and maneuverability.” As technology continues to evolve in the unmanned aircraft global marketplace, power management issues will continue to cause apprehension for operators, forcing them to band together to find plausible solutions. This
will ultimately result in global standardization, reducing the current patchwork of ‘Do-it-Yourself’ (DIY) battery units and specifications.

Security through Power Management in a Single System

Prometheus® offers a power management security guide that pays particular attention to the functionality of the system to benefit the operator by integrating a complete information technology (IT) infrastructure. The sole objective is to mitigate the paramount concern that has become one of the more critical issues across all industries and companies that have already integrated drone technology; securing power while going beyond the limits.

The guide concludes that any operator or organization needs to “strategically plan to disrupt their flight plan…end-to-end using an unconventional, but systematic approach by implementing flight maneuvers that will go beyond best practices” for security purposes. Seems like a mouth full, but Prometheus® offers more than a power supply, it also offers a process towards improving security.

Combining hardware and flight maneuver solutions that go from power management tactics to securing the skies and infrastructure on the ground, while covering everything in between, Prometheus® enables a more seamless power and security source giving operators enormous benefits than expected in one system. In essence, an operator can think of Prometheus® as “elevation of purposeful privilege:” forcing a device beyond its normal capacity.

Power and security are the two main “layers” Prometheus® recommends in its structured approach to deployment. Along with the device, communications (onboard WiFi), and data storage using cloud service applications, Prometheus® becomes more than a power source. It offers a complete system through structured layers to address and offer solutions to operator problems before they are realized.

With Prometheus®, operators are able to carry a portable information technology (IT) infrastructure that is incredibly useful, non-complex and not expensive to grow their drone business. Limited resources, expertise and time are a thing of the past with Prometheus®. The system limits the constraints and extends how much operators, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are able to accomplish.

For more information on Prometheus®, Your UAS Power StationTM (Patent Pending), request a copy of the power management security guide for free on the FlexRight SolutionsTM website.

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