Magic Sky to open California’s first DJI authorized retail store on Saturday

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DJI, the prominent pioneer in state of the art unmanned aerial photography equipment, has its sagacious eyes set on the North American Market, aiming to rattle the entire drone business in 2017.

San Francisco residents are going to embrace an extraordinary month of February: the very first DJI authorised store, Magic Sky, will go into full operation. Magic Sky is not going to be just a typical store that offers sales and technical support, flight service, and provide individuals and businesses with complete solutions, but will be a gateway that brings the future of possible closer to all drone enthusiasts allowing them to fully immerse in the fascination and wildness of modern technology and to be part of the drone community.

Magic Sky, as the forerunner in drone industry, is a leading unmanned aircraft system provider that offers solutions to various system applications. Magic Sky has always been working on product research and development, software and hardware and sales. From the very beginning when Magic Sky was founded, DJI started to closely work with Magic Sky and eventually became solid long-term partners. Since there has been a huge success in their joint venture, DJI willingly invites Magic Sky to the Bay Area believing that with its expertise and experience of drones, Magic Sky can make groundbreaking progress and wholeheartedly serve its customers. Consequently, the cooperation between Magic Sky and DJI stands to reason. It’s such a natural fit.

DJI accounts for 70% of total sales in sUAV industry, an important fact which not only reveals the numerous high-class quality services and comprehensive products offered, but shows the stellar reputation received. When talking about drones, DJI is recognized world-wide; yet what’s the most important are the unlimited possibilities, in drone industry, of growth.

Magic Sky foresees the need to have a drone community that offers one-stop services, so with the help of DJI, Magic Sky is ready to do that. Magic Sky is fully equipped to provide customers with a variety of services. There is a drone cage that allows you to learn camera movement; paired with VR technology, with a 4K TVs mounted on the wall, you will be brought into the next level of excellence and quality flying experience. Thanks to DJI’s technology. There is also going to be a group of energetic, professional, and customer-service-driven salesmen and repair technicians at your service. They will attentively respond to your inquiries, provide you with the extraordinary customer service, and offer multiple solutions and eventually exceed your expectation. Thanks to DJI’s professionalism.

Now when your precious drone is malfunctioning, you no longer need to fly to New York City for repair or have it shipped to DJI. Come to Magic Sky for help. When you are unable to find your lovely drone a proper flying area, you don’t have to aimlessly keep looking, or delay your exciting flying operation. Come to Magic Sky for answers. When you need hands-on training for your drone, Magic Sky grants you a golden chance to learn everything about drones through participation of various fun outdoor activities, free workshops, with so many others like you, and interaction with our drone specialists; you will learn how to better maneuver your drone, how to take nicer shots and etc.

We offer a comprehensive range of service applications, besides traditional services such as cinematography and photography; we are constantly looking to expand into other industries such as Agriculture, Energy, Construction, Insurance, Public Safety, and etc. We strive for excellence and perfection on the road of future-changing technology, yet your understanding, cooperation and satisfaction are our No.1 priority.

Magic Sky would love to see you all on the grand opening day. In celebration of the opening, there will be a series of activities and programs throughout the day including:

  1. Those who sign on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and shares moments in the store will receive a free key chain.
  2. For those who are interested in purchasing Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, and Osmo series, they will enter a raffle to win cool prizes and discounts that can be used towards their drone purchase. There will be one grand Prize: 50% off one DJI products (Excluding Mavic Pro). There will be 3-second prizes: 20% off one DJI products (excluding Mavic Pro). There will be a total of 10 third prizes: 5% off one any DJI products (excluding Mavic Pro). All participants will receive one of the following: DJI accessories, DJI hats, DJI pen, DJI greeting cards, and tote bags.
  3. Those who purchase a Mavic Pro will also be eligible to receive a free copy of DJI’s 10th-anniversary book “Above the World: Earth through a drone’s eye” (valued at $75USD).
  4. Those who purchase Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 will receive a DJI notebook.
  5. Those who purchase Osmo series will receive one pack high-capacity battery; for Omso+ series, will receive a free pack OEM battery.
  6. Those who purchase DJI drones will receive one-year free diagnosis service.
  7. Those who purchase DJI products adds DJI SF Store to their favourite in Google Maps, they will receive a free tote bag.

DJI San Francisco Authorized Retail Store

735 Montgomery Street, Suite 112,

San Francisco, CA 94111

Grand Opening on February 25th, 2017
From 10:30AM – 5:30PM

The shop is located at the corner of Montgomery St and Jackson St.  

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