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Karma Vista Winery Adopts Drone Technology

Karma Vista Winery

Karma Vista Winery is utilising Great Lakes Drone Company to provide aerial data management and consultation for the 2017 growing season. Joe Herman, owner of Karma Vista Winery is excited about how this technology can redefine how they manage their fields this year. The data collected by regular drone overflights will provide them with real-time data to make cost effective decisions in vineyard health, disease & nutrient management and overall variable harvest decisions.

Unmanned Aerial Systems, “drones” can provide specialised imagery that shows plant health status, elevation, and overall high definition imagery. “This technology will allow their staff to spend less time walking their vineyards, save on fertilizer and nutrients, and make quicker time efficient decisions on where to focus their resources” says Reyna Price, Sales & Marketing Director for Great Lakes Drone Company. “We can also provide feedback on variable harvest for the best time, for the best taste. This technology also provides actual crop loss data for any weather related events versus estimated loss, making a significant difference for any insurance claims.”

Great Lakes Drone Company is excited to be working with Karma Vista Winery this season! We encourage any farm or winery to reach out to us soon to schedule a free consultation of our agricultural services.

Karma Vista Vineyards will be opening for the season on March 3rd, 2017 and is located at 6991 Ryno Road in Coloma, MI. You can learn more about their majestic wines at

Great Lakes Drone Company LLC is an FAA 14CFR Part 107 Certified, unmanned aerial provider of media services. We are the only local company with several FAA Approved Waivers including Night Flight Authorization and a Variety of Special Airspace Authorizations.

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