FreeBird One


FreeBird One is a unique and high-performing commercial UAV that could make a solid addition to an existing product portfolio, or offer a company using or planning to deploy a fleet of drones a proprietary vehicle that could differentiate its drone capabilities.

  • Structurally-enclosed SurroundFrame carbon fiber airframe (able to withstand in-air collisions)
  • Weatherproof (rain, snow, extreme temperatures, 50 MPH winds)
  • Unparalleled mounting and configuration options due to pioneering frame design. Any existing attachment on the market can be mounted; multiple attachments are easily accommodated
  • Unique manufacturing process enables on-demand customization
  • 3-foot diameter frame extends visual line-of-sight to 1.5 miles vs. 1/2 mile for the DJI Phantom, enabling operations at greater distances under line-of-sight rules in the U.S.

Best-In-Class Performance

  • Rock-solid in-air stability
  • Up to 45 mins. flight time (30 mins with 2kg payload)
  • Fully autonomous flight up to 45 MPH
  • Up to 20-pound payload

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