Matrice 200

DJI Matrice 200 series truly professional inspection drones.

In the Matrice 200, DJI has finally addressed their professional series of multirotors biggest issue. They can now look up. The reason all the world’s professional inspection companies until now used other aircraft.

A pretty handy looking quad, if I could afford one, I would have one! I don’t think I will get that past the minister of home affairs, though.

Along with the ability to look up, I liked the hardening against electromagnetic anomalies. Good news for those that inspect power lines and cell phone towers.

Have they just created a reason not to buy an Inspire 2?

All eyes on Intel to see what they can bring out. Until now the Falcon 8 was the goto professional inspection platform.

Hats off to DJI yet again, consistantly putting the opposition behind the drag curve.

Right we have three sofas if I check down the back of all of them.

DJI unveiled the new Matrice 200 Series in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. The M200 Series is a new line of drones built for professional users to perform aerial inspections and collect data– making drone technology an affordable and easy-to-use tool for enterprises that recognise how aerial imaging can transform their operations.

With 20 internal sensors, including dual IMUs, and a dual-redundant battery system that automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures, the M200 Series is built for any situation. With the new DJI AirSense technology directly integrated into the drone, the M200 Series is the first commercially available drone with an ADS-B receiver. This module enhances airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft, enabling operations where teams rely on mixed aircraft.

Additionally, the M200 Series is built with the latest DJI FlightAutonomy technology, providing intelligent obstacle avoidance and precision hovering. Additionally, a forward-facing FPV camera offers improved controls for complicated piloting situations.

With the option to choose larger TB55 batteries for additional flight time, pilots can fly for up to 35 minutes with a mounted camera and 38 minutes with no payload. If more time in the sky to complete tasks wasn’t enough, the M200 Series has a unique, foldable design and comes with a specially designed travelling case to simplify your office to field process. The travelling case is built to grow with you as you rack up piloting experience, with space for extra batteries and the ability to pack away your M200 drone with mounting plates pre-installed.



Model M200
Package Dimensions 790mm*390mm*290mm
Dimensions (unfolded) 887mm*880mm*378mm
Dimensions (folded) 716mm*220mm*236mm
Folding Method Fold Inward
Diagonal Wheelbase 643mm
Number of Batteries 2
Weight (TB50) 3.80KG
Weight (TB55) 4.53KG
Max Takeoff Weight 6.14KG
Max Payload (TB50) 2.34KG
Max Payload (TB55) 1.61KG
Hovering Accuracy (during safe flights) P Mode: 35°(Forward Vision System enabled: 25°); A Mode: 35°;S Mode: 35°
Horizontal: ±1.5,Downward Vision System enabled: ±0.3
Max Angular Velocity Pitch: 300° /s;Yaw: 150° /s
Max Pitch Angle P Mode: 35°(Forward Vision System enabled: 25°); A Mode: 35°;S Mode: 35°
Max Ascent Speed P Mode / A Mode / S Mode: 5 m/s
Max Descent Speed Vertical: 3 m/s
Max Speed S Mode 23m/s P
Mode 17m/s
A Mode 23m/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 1.55 mi (2500 m)
Max Wind Resistance 10m/s
Max Flight Time(No Payload, with TB50) 27min
Max Flight Time(No Payload, with TB55) 38min
Max Flight Time(6kg Payload, with TB50) 13min
Max Flight Time(6kg Payload, with TB55) 24min
Motor Model DJI 3515
Propeller Model 1760S
Landing Gear Quick-release
Operating Temperature -20°C to 45° C
IP Rating IP43


Downward Gimbal Mount Supported
Upward Gimbal Mount Not Supported
Downward Dual Gimbal Not Supported


Model TB50
Capacity 4280 mAh
Voltage 22.8V
Battery Type LiPo 6S
Energy 97.58 Wh
Net Weight 520g
Operating Temperature -20°C to 40° C
Storage Temperature Less than 3 months: -20° C to 45° C
More than 3 months: 22° C to 28° C
Charging Temperature 5 ℃ to 40 ℃
Max Charging Power 180 W


Model IN2C180
Voltage 26.1 V
Rated Power 180 W


Obstacle Sensing Range 0.7 – 30 m;
FOV Horizontal 60°,Vertical 54°
Operating Environment Surfaces with clear patterns and adequate lighting (> 15 lux)


Velocity Range <32.8 ft/s (10 m/s) at height of 6.56 feet (2 m)
Altitude Range <10 m
Operating Range <10 m
Operating Environment Surfaces with clear patterns and adequate lighting (> 15 lux)
Ultrasonic Sensor Operating Range 10 – 500 cm
Ultrasonic Sensor Operating Environment Non-absorbing material, rigid surface (thick indoor carpeting will reduce performance)