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Chinese one thousand drone swarm smashes Intel record.


Russia Today has posted video of a 1000 drone swarm. I’m still busy trying to count them. GhostDrone 2’s by eHang were the platform used. The quadcopters destroyed the previous swarm record of 500 drones flown by Intel last year.

It also diminishes somewhat Lady Gaga’s 300 from the Super Bowl.

The formation was not as dynamic as those from Ascending Technologies but is still quite amazing. In the 15-minute show they formed the Chinese character “福,” which means blessings; the map of China and 1000 to let us know how many of them there were.

Traditionally, the Chinese celebrate the end of the new year, which takes place on the 15th day of the first lunar month, with a lantern festival. The southern city Guangzhou went for drones instead this year.

The Guinness Book of records had people on hand to award eHang the record. A top achievement eHang and certainly one way of keeping to keep up with that other big Chinese brand.

Just how much is going with RPAS in China that we never hear of in the West!

eHang are of course the company slated to bring us Uber-style drone taxis. The E-184 has become the media poster boy for manned multi rotors or flying car as most pundits would have it.

I know it is an octocopter so should survive an engine failure but my helicopter drivers head would still like to be able to autorotate! I suspect airbags and a parachute are standard equipment.

Should you be looking eHang, I am a helicopter driver and would love to come and have a go! I suspect that might involve a diet on my part (no bad thing).


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