Altavian expands its modular payload line with the MicaSense RedEdge® multispectral sensor.


Altavian is partnering with MicaSense to integrate their RedEdge multispectral camera as the latest customizable payload available in both Altavian’s Nova and Galaxy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Integrating RedEdge with Altavian’s enterprise grade drones, like the Nova, brings multispectral sensor capabilities to a single 90-minute flight that can cover up to 600 acres, following standard Part 107 regulations, with an 8cm ground sample distance (GSD), all while capturing both RGB and 5 unique narrow bands in the same flight.“Our partnership with

“Our partnership with Altavian, will help empower growers, agronomists, and agricultural service providers to easily capture data on a large scale, for greater insight into crop health. The integration of our RedEdge sensor on an advanced long-endurance platform combined with data analysis and processing by MicaSense Atlas, provides end-users the tools they need to effectively manage their farms.” – Gabriel Torres, co-Founder and CEO.
The MicaSense RedEdge is a professional grade multispectral camera that zeroes in on 5 discrete bands

The MicaSense RedEdge is a professional grade multispectral camera that zeroes in on 5 discrete bands simultaneously enabling data outputs such as RGB, NDVI, CIR, GNDVI, NDRE, and Chlorophyll Maps that can be analysed and processed from one mission in MicaSense Atlas. This advanced payload brings new versatility and efficiency to Altavian’s drones. RedEdge integrates seamlessly with Altavian’s highly modular UAVs. A modular design creates flexible

RedEdge integrates seamlessly with Altavian’s highly modular UAVs. A modular design creates flexible tools for high-quality data collection and outputs. Combining the RedEdge with Altavian’s drones is an opportunity for enterprises to increase the number of data collection projects while decreasing the amount of money spent on integrating different types of sensors. Instead of purchasing multiple payloads for one platform, or multiple platforms outfitted with different payloads – enterprises can now streamline with a
single RedEdge sensor housed in a workhorse Altavian platform.

Altavian’s partnership with MicaSense shows the value of integrating technology across the UAV industry. MicaSense RedEdge has unique capabilities when paired with Altavian’s drones, enabling data collection on a larger scale for multiple data outputs. This integration can capture data imagery for resource management, environmental impact, conservation, and agriculture. This partnership exemplifies
how the best ideas in an industry come together to create new possibilities.

“Integrating the RedEdge into the Nova and Galaxy brings our customers one of the best payloads in the business. Partnering with MicaSense represents a joint effort to elevate drone and sensor capabilities to the best there is to offer.” – Thomas Rambo, COO and co-Founder, Altavian.

As more enterprises, companies, and industries begin broadening their own capabilities with UAVs, partnerships are needed to move the technology forward. Drones will be an influential tool that impacts how we learn about the world around us. The use of drones with custom sensors is still being explored, and partnerships like this are bringing those areas into focus.

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