XD Evolve

News of the XD Evolve came out before Christmas, it is now time for the CES launch.

XDynamics introduces Evolve, the world’s first consumer drone completed with the patent-awarded dual-screen remote controller, empowering users of all kinds with industry-grade features and functionality at their fingertips. XDynamics will showcase its high-end consumer drones at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, January 5 through 8.

Aerial photography and filming experience with XDynamics Evolve begins at your fingertips. Evolve redefines the consumer drones by equipping users with a revolutionary and patented remote controller, supported by a processing powerhouse with integrated software, in the form of two separate screens. Both screens are luminously visible and perfectly operable even in direct sunlight, by achieving 2 times the brightness of ordinary smartphone screens.

Functioning as a 7-inch viewfinder and a 5-inch multi-touch control panel, the foldable dual-screen is complemented with minimal buttons and sticks, bringing an intuitive experience which draws inspiration from smartphones and digital cameras to handheld game consoles.

Embodied in an all-in-one package of hardware and software, Evolve remote controller is a smart pilot system (SPS) which combines all required functions for amateur and professional users’ flying and filming needs under a single interface:

  • Album manager: view, organize, sort, rename, and caption aerial media files at will; enhance images quickly with filter effects, too.
  • Alert center: keep up with drone status, and resolve issues following suggested solutions.
  • Flight modes: take selfies when the drone follows you, and create scenes when it flies along user-selected paths.
  • Path planner: select multiple waypoints by locations, altitudes, and directions, and let the drone flies along them itself.
  • Map preloader: save and name locations of interest offline to view at flight.
  • Social media connector: share instantly photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To support these features and functionality, the remote controller features a 64-bit quad-core CPU, a dedicated GPU, 4GB DDR3 RAM and Android OS inside, competing with high-end computer tablets. It comes with GPS module, Inertial Measurement Unit sensors, Micro-SD card slot, USB port, and micro HDMI-out port, allowing comprehensive extendibility such as additional storage, FPV goggles, and VR headsets.

Benny Chan, CEO of XDynamics concluded, “The remote controller is what differentiates XDynamics Evolve from competitors the most. It has everything prepared and covered. You need no separate apps, smartphones, and cables to assemble a full-function remote controller. Performance, reliability, and safety are within your reach.”


By Press