Tuesday, August 3, 2021

UVifY HD Draco the new worlds fastest drone

Funny how things work, last night on Drone Stuff This Week we discussed briefly the Teal Drone. You remember the world’s fastest production drone. Its speed was pegged at 70 mph. Now the UVifY Draco comes to market with a claimed 75 mph top speed!

Doing the rounds of CES promotion the HD version of the Draco drone caught my eye. HD is always better right? It is 1080p streaming video from a wide angle camera. Also in the pipeline vision based navigation.

Combined with the HD video link Draco might turn into a handy inspection tool.

In their own words, “UVify is transforming the way humans fly. Our team of (literal) rocket scientists has radically improved drone technology to maximise performance. The result? Lightweight, lightning-fast drones that are easy to use, modify, and repair. Defy expectations with the most advanced racing drones in the world.”

The entire package does look very tidy, I am impressed with the multi-battery charger. That is a friction point when owning a racing drone. Just a pain waiting for a single battery to charge. It does have the look of a Bebop upgraded to me.

Photos knocking about on the web show a Team Black Sheep Tango being used as the radio control unit. No mention is made on the UVifY site of what pre-order buyers will receive to control the quad with.

It is being aimed at a first-time flyer that does not have the time to build their own system. That works to a point, if you truly want to be competitive you will have to bite the bullet and learn how to tweak your own machine. Buying a ready to go FPV racing system will not give you the skills out of the box. That is, of course, practice, practice and some more practice. The Rotor Riot team have some handy how-tos on their YouTube Channel.

My only concerns are that it is a pre-order product and they don’t seem to have put it in the hands of any world class racers yet.

Once those folks start reviewing the Draco it might be time to consider a purchase.

UVify will send First Flight edition Dracos to the first 1000 preorders. In addition to being marked as a First Flight edition, your Draco will come with UVify accessories worth $600. A guarantee of one year of 24/7 technical support, free of charge. And as a member of the First Flight, you will be the first to receive news and invitations to special events, upgrades, and other perks.

The price is set to range between $449 and1,800. The First Flight Draco will cost $1,800




Gary Mortimer
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