Plexidrone delays delivery news once again

Plexidrone delays delivery news once again

Indigogo funded on the 1st of December 2014 Canadian Plexidrone from DreamQii is late, very late! They raised $2,269,158 USD, or 1002% of what they were after during the campaign. The first iteration of Plexidrone was supposed to hit the streets, Spring of 2015.

The design has been radically changed from what was offered in the crowd funder, and I must say outwardly for the better. I particularly like the plugin arms with motors attached.

A recently released backer tribute video from DreamQii shows the evolution

They include these pithy crowd-pleasing lines in the comments

We could not have realised our vision without the initial support and excitement you shared for PlexiDrone.  You’re an ever present part of our story- and for this reason, we’ve dedicated our latest video to revealing some of what your contributions and support made possible.  Please share the video below and don’t be shy to let people know that you contributed to making it happen.

As campaign owners and backers, we share in the challenges, setbacks, and success stories of this journey. We hope that through this video you gain insight to a part of a story that you may not have even known you were a part of. We hope that you also caught a glimpse of the passion, dedication, and creativity that our team and our backers poured into making DreamQii and the PlexiDrone product line a reality.

There was general excitement about this video and a promise of order news after the 15th of January. I must admit I forgot to check back.

Looking today, I see this

As of January 17, 2017, at 3 AM PST, all orders placed by backers from the original Indiegogo campaign will be frozen.  This is your final chance to:

  • Purchase add-ons that qualify you for free shipping world wide
  • PlexiPower Battery
  • PlexiDrone X8 Upgrade
  • Use backer exclusive coupon codes for up to 80% off of the PlexiHub CS Controller (Final Day)
  • Add accessories to your orders and receive discounted or free bundled shipping
  • Use store credits on discounted pre-order pricing (backer exclusive offer)

Updated Schedule

Following this order freeze deadline, our team will be focused on tabulating the results of more than 20K orders.  We’ll be sharing the results of this work in the weeks to come, with a finalised delivery schedule for our backers in the first week of February.  Please keep an eye on your e-mail accounts as our support staff may be in touch with individual users as we review your accounts.

So it looks like any chance of delivery in time for Valentine’s day is out. Still the weather is better around Easter in the Northern Hemisphere, it must be out by then, surely? How many times can Plexidrone get away with moving deadlines?

Will they face similar issues to Lily who stare at charges of false advertising and misleading business practices from the San Francisco District Attorney (DA)?

Plexidrone never made the wild claims of Lily, I hope they do start getting machines out of the door soon.




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