MiniRaceWing Kickstarter

Race Quads have shown what is possible with FPV. They have raised the bar for freestyle and race flying and planes never really caught up.

The MiniRaceWing is designed to change that. It is fast, agile, easy to transport and it can take a beating. The MiniRaceWing gives you an exceptionally carefree and exciting flying experience.

Its like a continuous FPV dive down a mountain, or like a quad freestyle session low to the ground and around obstacles.

It usually takes a few crashes to get accustomed to how crash resistant the MiniRaceWing is.

The possibilities are limitless. Take it with you on holiday. Keep it in your car for a short after work flight. Test your own wing designs. Fly races with your friends. Or fly freestyle like we do.

Fly wherever you want.

Make every spot a playground.

The carbon fuselage is the heart of the MiniRaceWing. It protects all your FPV and RC gear and makes the MiniRaceWing very versatile.

The specially designed wing mounts make the wings basically crash proof. Instead of ripping them apart, the MiniRaceWing releases the wings preventing them from getting damaged. They also make the MiniRaceWing extremely easy to disassemble and transport. It is both a parting point for disassembly and a high impact release to reduce stress on the wings during crashes.

Airfoil and wing shape are optimized for the best flying experience. With the MiniRaceWing there is no more need to put components inside the wing itself, like in traditional flying wings. This results in an outstandingly large speed envelope. Effortless high speed flying, tight turning and easy landing are all combined in one wing.

Launching the MiniRaceWing is easy and safe. The launch itself is hassle free, only a light toss is needed. After an exciting flight the landing is a piece of cake. Slow it down and land it in front of your feet, almost like a trainer.