Asia Separate Lift Thrust (SLT) The Market

IAI and Hankuk Hybrid Panther FE SLT makes maiden flight

panther FE

I could have tried harder to fit more abbreviations into that title. Made in South Korea under an MOU from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) by the South Korean composite manufacturer, Hankuk Carbon (HC), the Panther FE is a fuel cell equipped tri-copter separate lift thrust vehicle. I believe I am right in saying the only tri-copter SLT on the market at the moment. One less motor taking a ride as a passenger.

Weighing 67kg, slightly more than the original Panther, the FE variant is said to have increased performance by thirty-three percent.

I don’t think I have seen an SLT with such a high aspect ratio wing, that might play a part in the performance increase. This SLT is made to loiter.

Also catching my eye the flap deployment on landing, I don’t think we have seen that in Quadplane, the most popular SLT code from Ardupilot. I wonder if that wing stops flying too soon without them.


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