Find my drone, there is a website for that


Christmas day 2017 saw peak drone loss spread across the world as presents were unwrapped, charged and lost. It was interesting to watch it unfold on Google Trends.

A friend told me today that there was a pre-existing website on which lost and found drones were posted! I must admit I had never heard of it. has been around since 2015 so should have been well placed to take advantage of so much yuletide tragedy.

This is their sales pitch, for a price you can post your flyaway.

According to our survey 46,39 % of drone pilots at least once have lost their drone and only less than half of them (44%) have found them later. At the same time, the average price of drone with equipment is more than $2000, so it is very unpleasant to lose such expensive thing.

Of course, some of these drones are lost completely: fell down from the high or have sunk. But lot of them were found by other people later and they do not found the owner. We provide easy service to inform about drone loss and to connect drone owners with people who have found someones drone.

If you are looking for another resource to find your lost drone, there are plenty on Craigslist. Including this one which weirdly has, it’s controller with it. Perhaps the owner needed to find a bigger ladder and could not find the tree in which he or she lost it again.

found Drone (Shelton) hide this posting

Found Drone in tree by my house. Must know street and tell me what it looks like. Also have remote for it.

Found drone & tools (Bellingham) hide this posting

I found a drone and some tools while out looking for a lost dog. Would like to see these items returned to their owners. You will need to accurately describe items to claim them.

Found large Drone (Madison) hide this posting

if your drone crashed into my house then probably I have your drone, just contact me and I’ll return it to you. 

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