I had a very interesting run through of Expanse, industrial inspection software for the drone age.

Sky-Futures head of product Colin Hickey spoke very slowly to me so that I could understand. Colin has over 13 years of product experience in the Oil and Gas industry where he specialised in software product design and delivery for a range of global customers.

In the words of Sky-Futures

Expanse is an enterprise cloud platform used by inspection companies and operators for getting maximum value from drone inspections of industrial assets.

If you would like to log in and explore the demo data then go here.


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I had an of course moment as Colin start describing the internal inspections of tanks on oil tankers using the Flyability Elios.

It’s an end use case that makes perfect sense and yet another drone use I didn’t see coming.

The demonstration of automatic rust detection was very interesting. You can play back infrastructure status data in an intuitive 3D space.

This must change the way the inspection business works.

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