Architect turns a disused Bull Fighting Ring into the Drone Hub of the Future


An architect studying at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain, has today released details of a design for the drone transportation hub of the future.  This project is unique for two reasons – the first is that the design repurposes a disused bullfighting ring from the early 1900s, and the second is that he has released the design and associated models to the community for comment, modification and sharing as a way to stimulate discussion about the role that drones will play in our lives.

“I wanted to make people feel part of the conversation…drones are such an incredible thing that we  sometimes feel afraid of, or don’t understand, and yet these days they are well within our reach.”

  • Frederick Ajjoub, Architect

Teaming up with Rowland Marshall, an Australian drone consultant based in Paris, Frederick Ajjoub took great pains to infuse the function of the future whilst preserving the existing structure.

“The metier of the architect is the continual pursuit of a delicate balance between design and function; history and story; vision and realisation.  This project is the very thesis of such a challenge, fusing together the future of flight and robots with the earthy, sanguine world of the bullfighter in a manner that elicits new life whilst respecting the proud history of bull fighters.”

Frederick is calling for comments and feedback from the community, and has even released the design files as a 3D model for discussion.

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