The Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) is concerned about the increase in local government laws prohibiting the use of drones/RPAS in public areas. Such bylaws pose a threat to both hobby and commercial operators. If we don’t tackle this issue head on, we could end up with a patchwork of “pro” and “anti” drone local governments with some operators left with no where to fly or facing the prospect of fines. We want to make sure RPAS / drone operators can continue to use their aircraft in public areas safely and with minimal disruption to other members of the public.

What are we doing about it?

AAUS is engaging with local governments individually and the local government association on this issue. Our objective is to jointly establish policy and guidelines around the use of drones in public areas and on the conditions for establishing exclusion areas in local government jurisdictions.

We need your help.

Tell us where you’ve encountered drone bans. Give us information on the name of the council or land authority (e.g. Parks Victoria) and where the location of the ban. If they provide information on penalties or cite particular bylaws, then please let us know. Please give us the information we need to help keep you flying.

We’d also like to use this information to create a free interactive map that will allow you to determine whether there are drone flying restrictions in your local area.


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