ScaraBot X8 Octocopter

  • Fully assembled and test-flown professional copter
  • Flying duration up to 30 minutes with 600g camera and BLG-600 camera gimbal
  • Overall flying weight under 5kg
  • Diameter 500mm
  • Full carbon fiber construction
  • Elaborate LED illumination
  • Extensive telemetry system with recording of flight data
  • High power motors and ESCs included
  • DJI Wookong flight control system with optional waypoint navigation included
  • GPS-Position Hold, Coming Home, Failsafe, Altitude Control
  • Mounting tubes for various gimbal systems
  • Various R/C systems optionally available

The ScaraBot construction kit series

ScaraBot construction kits are one-of-a-kind within the multicopter scene. They have been developed for professional applications with the aim to drastically extend the flying time while still keeping the overall weight below the 5kg mark. After years of development, the best components available on the market have been combined to create a series of copters which sets new standards. All models within the series are closely related to each other. The same chassis is used for all models, as well as the flight control system and further details.

Free-Flow-Arms: longer flight time, less vibrations, quiet operation!

There are several benefits from the patented streamlined booms. On the one hand, the efficiency is significantly increased, which results in extended flying time. On the other hand, vertical vibrations are considerably reduced, because the downwash created by the rotating propellers no longer hits the horizontal surface of conventional booms but flows smoothly around the aerodynamically optimized arms of the ScaraBot.

The improvement can be measured – the flying time is extended by a 2-digit range of minutes – and you can even hear it: ScaraBot copters are significantly quieter than conventional multirotors with rounded or even squared booms. A nice side-effect is that these hollow booms simply look very aesthetic and that all cables can be hidden in the inside.

Consequently lightweight construction

Davinci-Copters do not contain any unnecessary building elements. We strictly follow the art of efficient reduction, but when it comes to the need of certain characteristics and effects like rigidity for example, we chose state-of-the-art material which is also used in aerospace engineering.
The entire ScaraBot construction kit is mainly made of highly resilient and extremely lightweight carbon fiber – from the high efficiency propellers to the landing skids. As a consequence, even the top-of- the-line ScaraBot X12 can perform camera flights with an overall weight less than 5kg.

Optimum position recognizability

The position of ScaraBots in the air can be easily recognized even in a distance of hundreds of meters due to three unique characteristics:

    • The stretched center plates with the large stretched domes
    • The red/white LED illumination on the booms and in the landing skids: Thus the pilot can immediately identify nose and tail of the aircraft, even during low-level flights (white LEDs in the landing skids visible=nose, red LEDs in the landing skids visible=tail)
    • The included optional tail boom with red ball – we lovingly call it the “duck tail”: The tail of the aircraft can be easily recognised from far distance

Innovative battery technology

We currently are the only copter manufacturer who offers UN certified special batteries. These batteries allow maximum flying time, and they can be transported safely in your own car or even on an airplane. Many users of multi-copters do not even guess how dangerous LiPo batteries can be and that actually a special driver’s license for hazardous goods would be needed! Instead, our special batteries can be transported and of course flown as well without hesitation.

Modular set-up

Whether quadcopter, hexcopter , octocopter or dodecacopter: With the ScaraBot series, Davinci-Copters provides the right solution for any appliance and for any desired safety level. There are many different camera gimbals suitable for the chosen aircraft, and these can be mounted and taken off again within seconds.

Whether quadcopter with GoPro Hero and 60 minutes of flying time or an octocopter with Sony Nex7 or Panasonic GH3 and 30 minutes of flying time and an overall weight of less than 5kg – every customer will find the perfect match for his professional requirements.

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