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Praxis Aerospace Concepts achieve at the NY UAS test site

Praxis Aerospace Concepts International, Inc. has significantly increased its UAS operations capabilities to equal or exceed any nonfederal entity within Nevada.

Praxis Aerospace Concepts International, Inc. today announced that it has been delegated Mission Command authority from the New York UAS Test Site, operated by the Griffiss International Airport. This significant achievement represents the growth of the partnership between the two entities, and the advances the integrate of unmanned aircraft into the airspace over the Southwestern United States. With Mission Command authority, PACI has unlimited access to two new authorizations from the FAA.

In September, the FAA approved a new nationwide blanket Certificate of Authority (COA) giving all six of the Designated UAS Test Sites the ability to operate up to the limits of Class G airspace (1200 feet above ground level). PACI can now support these operations anywhere in within the United States that meets the criteria.

In late October, PACI received approval to operate up to 2000’ AGL, at night and using extended Visual Line of Sight procedures near the Eldorado Droneport and surrounding areas in the Eldorado Valley. This COA significantly exceeds the allowance of Part 107, Section 33 Exemptions and most other standard public COAs.

As the final requirement, PACI personnel completed a rigorous Flight Readiness Review given by the NUAIR Alliance and overseen by the Test Site Operator. The demonstration test flight occurred within the new COAs at the Eldorado Droneport on October 26th.

Praxis Aerospace Concepts International, Inc. is best known in the unmanned systems industry for its White Label services, supporting FAA UAS Test Sites, Universities and corporate partners with Robotics Management, Technical Services and Autonomous Technology Testing. PACI is a partner of ASSURE, the FAA’s UAS Center of Excellence. “Griffiss International Airport and the NUAIR Alliance continue to be excellent partners in the advancement of UAS integration into the NAS,” said Jonathan Daniels, CEO, Praxis Aerospace Concepts International, Inc. “This milestone represents nearly a year of effort, and will only make the next twelve months more exciting.

“Praxis Aerospace Concepts International, Inc. is a great partner and this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies such as Praxis that have the excellent reputation and expertise within the UAS community and share our commitment to the growth of the UAS industry.” said Anthony J. Picente, Jr., Oneida County Executive and Operator of the New York UAS Test Site, Griffiss International Airport.

The New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport is known for successfully testing UAS from small category to a full scale fixed wing aircraft and its state of the art range instrumentation system that combines the SRC LSTAR 3-d Radar and the Saab Sensis WAM sensors as well as the soon to be added X-Band Surface Movement Radar.


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