Lighter Than Air

Octopus ISR Systems unveils enhanced Epsilon 140, partners with RT LTA Systems.

Octopus ISR Systems (Europe) has unveiled the enhanced version of their Epsilon 140, the UAV gimbal with dual sensor payload, and signed a long-term agreement with RT LTA Systems, the Israeli manufacturer of Skystar aerostats.

The enhanced version of the Epsilon 140 will now operate a 3.3x IR continuous zoom lens on LWIR sensor while maintaining a weight of only 1.7kg. With this new capability, night-time surveillance and reconnaissance missions will be significantly more efficient.

Recognising this new capability, RT LTA Systems has made the decision to use the Epsilon 140 payload as a default option for their Skystar 100 mini aerostat system.

“We designed the Skystar 100 to be compact, robust, and easily transported, assembled, launched and operated by a two-man crew,” said Rami Shmueli, CEO of RT LTA Systems. “With the lightweight Epsilon 140 and its new IR zoom capability, unmatched stabilisation performance, and advanced features like built-in target tracking and moving target indicator, it is a perfect match for our system.”

“The combination of Skystar 100 with the enhanced Epsilon 140 forms a mobile, high-performance, and cost-effective solution for any kind of surveillance and reconnaissance mission,” said Konstantins Krivovs, Business Development Manager of Octopus ISR Systems. “While installed on a Skystar 100 balloon, the Epsilon 140 can be used day and night for large-area surveillance, with the ability to zoom in on the target of interest and therefore increase situational awareness.”

Octopus ISR Systems ( is a division of UAV Factory, specializing in the development and production of Gyro-Stabilized Gimbals, IP Data Links, Tracking Antenna Systems, and Portable Ground Control Stations. Relying on talented employees with responsible and deliberate working methods, Octopus ISR Systems delivers reliable products and high-quality services to help customers make their businesses more sucessful.

RT LTA Systems ( is a world – class designer, developer and manufacturer of the Skystar  family of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications applications.

Users active in prevent-prepare-respond-recover settings requiring continuous and compact aerial support are a natural fit for Skystar products.

RT delivers self-contained, versatile, easily transportable, cost-effective tactical systems comprised of a mobile control station, ground system module, tether, lighter-than-air platform, stabilised payload platform and sophisticated sensor suite. SkyStar systems are easy to operate, rapidly deployed and customised for a range of operating conditions worldwide in various military and civilian missions.The systems are currently deployed in countries such as Israel, Afghanistan, Mexico, Thailand, Canada, Africa and Russia.

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