Another SLT, but all-electric. These all-electric SLTs really make no sense at all to me. If it had a petrol motor on the back I would get it. The VTOL ability in this case really just masks the operator’s lack of skills.

If you want to easily extend the endurance of this sort of craft, a SkyWalker, learn how to take off and land! You won’t be dragging (see what I did there) a quadcopter for a ride then.

All-electric SLTs will have a short lifespan as multirotor endurance steadily increases.

Using exactly the same airframe (without the quad) Event 38 can map 1000 acres (404 hectares) at a slightly lower 5cm resolution. Just fly lower and they will still manage more than 100 hectares at 3cm.

Don’t rush to the latest fad people.

G170-V, a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) fixed-wing UAV, is the latest UAV German-based GerMAP has added to the remote sensing and aerial mapping market. G170-V ideally combines the easiness of manual or automatic vertical take-off and landing procedures of multicopters with the area coverage efficiency of aeroplanes.

With its 20MP RGB-camera the G170-V covers areas up to 25ha in about 20 minutes maintaining close to 3cm ground sampling distance (GSD) from 100m above ground level (AGL) and delivering autopilot-triggered, location-based aerial imagery with 80% a long a track and 70% across track image overlaps. G170-V’s flight control automatically transitions into copter mode when flying too slow as an aeroplane, and it vice versa switches automatically over into airplane mode when it’s sufficiently fast, which is at approx. at 10 m/sec cruise speed. GerMAP offers the G170-V with a maximum take-off weight of 4kg to the market including training for the UAV and its ground station with flight mission planning and control software.