Arctic innovative Solutions +Drone App

During the past year, the number of adverse events between drones and commercial aircraft has exploded. Secure integration of drones in aviation is one of the key topics among the international aviation organisations. Therefore Arctic innovative Solutions developed the + Drone app as one important tool we hope will lead to a safer airspace.

The +Drone application shows at all time where there is drone activity worldwide. By this Drone, pilots/operators can view on the drone map where there are drones flying currently, and most important air traffic, in general, can view the drone map as well to see where drones are operating.

The +Drone offers more features and solutions as well. Today you will find in the application Solar info, weather forecast, No Fly Zones world wide map and NOTAM. Further more new innovative sollutions are under developing to the +Drone app, and will provide in total a best sollution app for drone pilots including the sollution that shows drones in the air, and vital more sollutions for a easier flight, preperations for drone pilots.

The app was launched only 3 months ago, but have already users on all continents, and are growing with more users every day. +Drone have recieved positive feedbacks from all over among users, media and international organizations. And we work hard every day to reach out todrone pilots around the world.

We look forward to bringing in new exciting features to the app on the comming next big update. Examples are a closed Drone live tracking feature, ADS-B feature, loggs and communication feature for the users.

We also launch the commercial +Drone movie the 21 of December worldwide. The more drone pilots that know about the +Drone app worldwide, the better it is for the air safety and the integration of drones. The app is made for both Android and iOS. Here are some links: