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Amazon Prime Air make their first drone delivery flight

Amazon Prime drone

Well yeah, meh, I was massively disappointed by Amazon’s presentation at Farnborough 2016. I thought that they disrespected those who there to ask questions, and they lied through their teeth about various aspects of their operation.

Would I be the only person to think that this is just another Christmas PR stunt?

So far they have shown nothing new or exciting. DHL’s Parcelcopter was doing this earlier this year flying further in more weather and for longer.

In 2017, GPS navigation alone will just not cut the mustard Amazon. A cheap jammer, whilst illegal, will ruin the day for these customers.

The positive in this story, though, is the cooperation of the UK CAA who have helped Amazon all the way.

Well done to the CAA, that is where the achievement happened. Without the backing of aviation authorities, drone deliveries will stay grounded.

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