ALTI Secures deal with Valmie Resources


With interest for the ALTI Transition rapidly growing around the globe, ALTI is excited to have secured a multi-system deal with Valmie Resources ( Along with various other clients and orders received, we are excited to work with and supply Valmie with the Transition along with future business in the US.

Valmie Resources was established to bring unmanned system software, hardware and cloud solutions to a range of industries around the globe. Valmie’s mission is to become one of the world’s leading sources of unmanned systems and related high tech equipment and services. Valmie holds a 333 Exemption to operate unmanned aircraft within the U.S. National Airspace System and is authorized to conduct commercial operations. In addition, Valmie has teamed up with two leading edge tech companies, Vertitek and Aerolift eXpress, to offer businesses exceptional unmanned aerial services worldwide.

Over the last few months the team here at ALTI has been hard at work with final development and perfecting the Transition and all our systems. With proven, confirmed flight performance and endurance tests of over 6 hours and 430km distance travelled per flight, which was independently witnessed and verified by several news media sources and clients, including sUAS News the leading news and information source for unmanned aviation, the ALTI Transition is now in production and available to order. 

For more information and pricing please dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected]