Aeroworks Productions, LLC. releases their 2nd edition Commercial UAS Logbook

Kenosha, WI — In response to the recent FAA regulations for preflight inspections and recordkeeping, Aeroworks has released a professionally designed and printed Commercial UAS Logbook. The Logbook includes a detailed flight checklist, 100 flight specific logbook pages, maintenance log and camera focus card. The book features a heavy-duty spiral binding that opens completely for ease-of-use.

This Commercial UAS Logbook was designed by professional UAS operators for professional UAS operators. The project grew out of a frustration by their own flight crew. They felt that the current printed offerings did not meet the needs of real in-field flights and the online log options with reoccurring monthly expense couldn’t be justified. Each aspect of the Aeroworks Logbook was designed to provide detailed guidelines for both beginner and experienced UAS pilot.

“As a licensed pilot, I understand the importance of a detailed checklist and accurate logs to meet FAA requirements. More importantly, though, accurate logs help maintain safety and enhances the UAS profession.” Stated Adam Andrews, Director of Operations for Aeroworks.

The Commercial UAS Logbook is available for purchase online at The MSRP is $26.95.