It’s all about the data. That’s why you bought a drone or robotic platform in the first place – for the data it produces. You want a simple solution that lets you do your job and not have to drag an army of engineers and support staff in the field. Our first really cool product is MissionCaster™ HD, a deceptively simple little box and accompanying cloud service allows anyone to stream and share video from anywhere, in real-time.
Your video on any device – in real-time.
It’s all about the data, getting your data to your users, in real-time on whatever device they have in their pocket. No devices with messy acronyms like OSRVT, or RVTs required. Got an Android device in your pocket? PC or Mac on your desk? All your users need is Google Chrome or Firefox. No late night support calls because your users missed a week of training on how to get and use the app, simplicity rules.
Unlimited scalability.
We would love to geek out and tell you about how our solutions leverage the most modern, robust APIs, and how our solutions are built with the same tech that Google and Facebook use to scale massively (and securely). We’d love to tell you all the in’s and outs of the tech, but at the end of the day you probably don’t really care. All you want to do is plug in your video feed, flip a switch, and stream HD video to the cloud really, really fast. Once your video is on its way to the cloud, you’ll want to share it with your customers or colleagues (you share video and images on social networks all the time, why does sharing video at work have to be hard?). One viewer, a hundred or a thousand, the cloud takes care of everything, no network engineers or video engineers required.
The fastest video delivery solution there is, period.
Even the biggest, and (formerly) best cloud video streaming solutions can’t get live video out to the world, from the field, in less than 45 seconds (and usually a lot longer). YouTube and other live streaming services recommend adding a full minute to that 45 seconds, and guess what? They can’t carry your metadata (we’ll come to why that’s important in a second). We get your video out to the cloud in less than 200ms, your users are watching video in less than 3 seconds, and often less than a quarter of a second. Not only are we fast, but we carry your metadata. We promise to minimise geek speak, but this is important. Video without context is just moving pictures. Metadata gives you the what, where and when, on a map. We bet that once you have a few hundred hours of video stored you’ll want to search by time and location, not possible without the metadata! By the way, we thought it would be cool for you to be able to talk to the pilot/operator in real-time so we built in that to.

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