Delivery Drones

Safe Drone Delivery by Cleveron, Clevernest

Not the first time we have seen this sort of thing, I am imagining the conversation with my wife when I suggest we should install one!

What could possibly go wrong and how jolly elegant! Thank goodness we all live in power line free wide open spaces.

Here’s my bet drone deliveries will be in autonomous C208 aircraft and goto a hub from where a ground vehicle will do the last miles.

Cleveron, has recently won the grand prize of “Delivery Innovation of the Year” with its PackRobot, introduces its safe drone delivery at Smart City Expo 2016 today.

Today’s well-known solutions for drone delivery are not safe enough. They are all very similar to one another and parcels are simply dropped on the ground from drones, for example Amazon drone delivery. This solution includes a huge safety problem for people, especially for kids and pets playing next to the landing place.

Cleveron has developed a safe drone delivery that solves the problem and will reveal its solution at Smart City Expo 2016.

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